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Fornier Ortiz







A man staring at the landscape....                         

Deeply puzzle, lost in contemplation he is trying to find thoughts between the present and the past; there is an attempt to bring some slots of memory to his now. Perpetual Instant is asking questions about time and memory in context with amnesia. 


Fornier Ortiz is a  dancer and teacher, currently living in Helsinki. He has done dance studies Incolballet in Colombia and at Folkwang University of arts in Germany. As a professional dancer he has worked with various choreographers in Colombia, Netherlands, Germany and Finland. At the moment he is  developing his own movement method calling it as Drop and Twist. As a guest teacher he taught at various European professional dance academies and festivals. He has done also several solo and group choreographies. 

Konzept/Tanz:   Fornier Ortiz

Musik: Gabin Bryars: No.4, The South Downs: For Cello and Piano , 

Editors:  Our Love ( Solomon remix) 

Foto: Julia Fedotova

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